Need a taxi in Nigtevecht?

A-Taxi Weesp is a family business, operating from a base a five-minute drive away from Nigtevecht.

Our base of operation is Weesp Station; so, should you be taking a train into Weesp, give us a timely heads-up, that you may be sure of a cab to Nigtevecht.

Are you visiting historical Nigtevecht, or will you be staying there for a while?

Then we can recommend visiting the beautiful restaurant No. 100, which is right in the heart of the village, and has a waterfront terrace.
We can also take you from Nigtevecht to Weesp. Weesp is situated on the shores of the river Vecht and has many historical places of interest, restaurants, and waterfront cafés.
Would you enjoy a day on the water of the river Vecht? Then please ask us for rental opportunities.
The Muiderslot castle is also worth a visit, and is only a ten-minute drive away from Nigtevecht. The mediaeval castle is on the shores of the IJmeer, and also offers a ferry connection to the fortified island of Pampus.

We of A-Taxi Weesp are well acquainted with Nigtevecht and the surrounding area; so, if you have questions or want info, our driver will be more than happy to help.

Apart from normal taxi services, we also offer transport for weddings and funeral processions.

Our vehicles can seat up to five. If needed we can, upon arrangement, provide transportation for eight.
We are presentable and consider service of paramount importance.

We also offer the possibility of driving you outside our opening hours by appointment.

We speak both Dutch and English, and you may pay using bank card or credit card.

PIN & CC welkom
PIN & CC welkom